Monday, October 1, 2007

i had a phone interview for our local co-op.
i want this job so bad!
to celebrate i went to the kitchen!
i had an idea so i made a batch of cupcakes...
it needs a little work but i think it's definitely an idea i may submit to chockylit's cupcake roundup.

i'm also working on a few other old favorites (ie peanut butter and jelly... waffle... haha i have ideas!)

my camera is being finicky today. maybe its the lighting in the new apartment, either way i've gotta work on taking some better pictures of these cupcakes
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(this one was taken with my i-mac camera haha)

heres what was in the cupcakes...

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*drum roll*

it's a tomato soup cupcake! (with peppered brie and thyme "icing" and a candied tomato slice)

i didn't count the oil that was in the tomato soup. so i definitely used too much butter-- not enough that it takes away from the taste, but enough to feel a little greasy. but its definitely a cupcake (not a muffin). i was worried about the flavor being too "muffin-y" because i used whole wheat flour, it was definitely the right choice for this cupcake- its still sweet and light & fluffy. i like these a whole lot more then i thought i would. i can barely keep ian from gobbling them all up-- which is fine by me since i definitely don't need to be eating them!

ill keep working on it and let you know how it goes! we have a bbq to go to on weds. to meet all of his fellow classmates, i hope to have it perfected by then.


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Of course I don't mind if you link me! :)

Thanks for reading my blog.
I'm sure I'll be coming to yours often!

slush said...

Wow! Very creative. Im thinking on something for that event too. Too many events this month. Im not sure Ill be able to do all I want to because of the sheer amount!

Karen said...

Interesting combo. Welcome to blogging. I am relatively new also to blogging. Looking forward to your creations.

shannie cakes said...


thanks, they taste MUCH better then you'd think!

im still twiddling with ideas and need to figure out something for this months cupcake hero... but clove, i kind of hate clove!


at least im not the only new blogger out there!