Saturday, January 26, 2008


Hello my neglected web page. I guess in all of the holiday/wedding hoopla, this little guy has fallen by the way side.

But we're back, and better then ever!
And also MARRIED!


Being married is the greatest thing ever, in my humble opinion. I was finally able to stop using my wedding cake as an excuse and I am now 100% vegan. It's almost been a month (that wedding cake being the last non-vegan thing I've eaten)!


So while I will still focus this on my baking expeditions, they will now be vegan baking expeditions. I will also throw in some general vegan dishes as I see fit! So lots of posts coming up soon.

Ian's parents gave us the wonderful gift of a honeymoon to Savannah, GA. The couples massages and thrift stores were the high light. I found a wonderful 70's canvas print of two owls, I am currently embroidering it. I'll probably post some of those crafty things here too now.

So, check back soon, and often as I am blowing the dust off of my blogging and will be back in full swing.

Until then here are some pictures from my wedding. I'm glad I wore a wedding dress, I'm glad it wasn't traditional. I really think all of the handmade touches gave it a great feel! We named our tables after our favorite love songs (The Pouges, David Bowie, ect.) and there were lyrics on our cake, our tables, our programs... it was a blast!

I made the aisle runner out of burlap and felt.

My motto for the day "You only wear it [the dress] once, get it dirty!"



My only regret from the day? The 85 degree HEAT and not being able to take my wrap off because of my tattoos. I don't regret the tattoos, I regret not giving my parents a harder time about "letting" me show them. Oh well.


Stef said...

Congrats! Great pics! Looks an amazing event! Welcome back to blogging.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

You look gorgeous! I had the same issue with the parents making me cover up tattoos; not fun!