Monday, March 17, 2008

food & fashion? life is good.

things are going super well on the baking/home front.
my "real" job? not so much. i'm supossed to be part time and work from 10-2 everyday, i've been there past 6:30 everyday for the past three weeks. uck.

i ordered some of the pre-release of teese and hopefully it'll be coming soon(ish). i'm excited about it's "meltability"... i really want to try and make a beer/cheese soup... we'll have to see how melty it can get! i'll let you know (with pictures) once it gets here!

hope all is well with you! here is a picture of my "family totem pole" lylah bean, fitzgerald, and my husband's knees... just relaxing... on top of each other.

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