Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

I know, it's 4am...
who wakes up in a cold sweat with the desire to bake cupcakes at 1am? I do.

Who takes 3 hours to make said cupcakes? I do.

Who comes out with a batch of beautiful cupcakes but is still not satisfied? I do!

My sleeping schedule is completely messed up lately... I went to bed at 5pm! With nothing better to do at 1am when I woke up (it's my one day off a week from the bakery) I decided I should just jump in and try to make my rainbow cupcakes again.

Instead of focusing on flavor combinations I focused entirely on the best way to get the perfect looking rainbow cupcakes.

I mixed a regular ole batch of vanilla cupcake batter. Seperated the batter into 4 bowls (a 1/2 cup of batter in each) and mixed red, yellow, blue & green batters.

Starting with the red I portioned out 1/2 a tablespoon into the bottom of a sprayed (but not lined) cupcake tin. I stuck the tin into a preheated 350 degree oven and baked for about 4 minutes, until the top was cooked. I should have used a full tablespoon for the bottom layer... more on this later.

I repeated this step with the yellow batter. Using the back of the tablespoon I gently evened out the layer of batter (not shown). Because my red layers had separated from the tin (due to the cooking spray) some of the yellow batter seeped into the sides of the other layer.I baked for 4 minutes and repeated the steps for the green and blue layers. After the blue layers were done I wanted a bit of a larger cupcake so I added another red layer with some left over batter. All in all I got 6 complete cupcakes and 3 that did not have the final red layer.

I allowed the cupcakes to fully cool and then inverted the tin onto a kitchen towel. The cakes slipped out easily-- along with my hopes & dreams.

The cupcake looks good-- but not great-- from the outside. The layers seeped into each other a bit. This cupcake is the best looking of the bunch with a fully defined bottom red layer.

A few of the cupcakes you couldn't see the bottom layer at all from the side.

The cupcakes were MUCH better looking on the inside.
Vibrant, rich colors. Defined layers (though the yellow IS a bit lost). I eased my unhappiness about the outside of the cupcake by reminding myself that cupcakes are frosted-- and in this case I was planning to frost it completely in some of that left over fondant I still have on hand.

I punched out some fondant stars, painted them silver...and created this monstrosity of tacky cakeSo while this attempt was not a complete success the final product looks like something David Bowie would like-- and I'm cool with that.

In other news one of my oldest and dearest friends is coming to visit me this week! The impending visit got me feeling very nostalgic and thumbing through some old photos on my computer (unfortunately most of my old photos are still in a box in my parents barn in Florida).

I found this gem though... I'm between the guy in the Good Riddance t-shirt & the girl in the grey. Nicole (my friend whose visiting) is the 2nd on the right in black. This was EIGHT YEARS AGO (I was 16 awww) which just is insane to me. That night we we're going to see H2O and I remember being so bugged that Nicole came because we hated each other back then (a boy, it's always about a boy isn't it). My trip down memory lane also got me thinking about all the bands I listened to back then... not to get too terribly mushy but I 100% believe that music saved my life & made me into the awesome vegan baker I am today. *end nostalgic mush fest*

I hope everyone has a great week... mine will be filled with whale watching, vegan waffle carts, some random show Nicole wants to go to, and listening to my favorite CDs from when I was 16.


Beka said...

1) What's a waffle cart?
2) I miss you!
3) I must have one of those cupcakes!

shannie cakes said...

a waffle cart is like a hotdog cart, only... you get waffles. theyre in varying locations around portland and there are at least 2 that i know of that have vegan options. hoorah! come to oregon, i promise i'll make you so many sparkly cupcakes that you'll be overcome with glitz. two birds- meet one stone.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Man, that inside shot is KILLER! You're a baking master, Shannie! Enjoy the waffle cart, I loved it.

Stef said...

How fun!! I love how your nail polish is yellow and looks like it is a continuation of the rainbow.

Prudence - Cake Chica said...

Just stopping by to say I LOVE the rainbow cupcakes!! VERY cool! LOVE your blog! Keep up the GREAT work!

Cakespy said...

These are like magic cakes!!! I love them! And waffle carts!?! Heaven?

Ivy said...

I love this cupcake. It's totally Rainbow Bright!

Sophie said...

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How To Eat A Cupcake said...

It takes me 3 hours to make cupcakes too! I'm a perfectionist when it comes to things like that. But when it comes to house-cleaning... I'm a whole other story. Hahaha ;) Your cupcakes look really awesome in my opinion! Great job on thinking of that method.

Sophie said...

Hi Shannon :),

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